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What is Orchestrator?

System Center Orchestrator is a powerful automation tool designed to help you simplify and automate your IT tasks and activities. Keep your environment healthy and reduce issues by automating your day-to-day tasks. Orchestrator allows you to tie disparate tasks and procedures together so you can create runbooks with complete workflow automation.


Orchestrator can help you build, test, debug, deploy, and manage automation inside your IT environment. These automated procedures, called runbooks, can run individually or start other runbooks for complex procedures and task management. Runbook activities publish available data to every subsequent activity allowing dynamic decision-making.


IT Departments can realize an increase in efficiency and a reduction of operational costs with Orchestrator. With its shared access to common data, you can automate important processes between different groups and teams. Standardization and best practices are easier than ever to enforce by ensuring the same procedures are followed every time. Improve reliability and predictability of your IT environment with Orchestrator.





Orchestrator's Runbook Designer makes it easy to create runbooks using a simple drag and drop interface. Activities are added to the runbook by dragging them from the Activities pane and then linked inside the runbook in their required order to create a workflow.


Simple Automation

Integration packs make it easy to configure runbooks even if you have little or no scripting or programming knowledge.

Connect various systems from different vendors and extend the capabilities of Orchestrator using integration packs for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products and technologies.


Cross-platform Support

Orchestrator simplifies data center management through its integration with System Center as well as Microsoft and non-Microsoft products.

Custom integrations allow Orchestrator to connect to any environment. Orchestrator uses a Representational State Transfer (REST)-based web service that can start and stop runbook jobs or get reporting information in Open Data protocol (OData) format. The web service also allows you develop applications that can use live data from Orchestrator.



Orchestrator provides extensible integration to any system or custom applications through the Orchestrator Integration Toolkit.




System Center Orchestrator’s runbook designer makes it easy to create workflows with multiple steps and dynamic decision-making capabilities. These workflows can be run automatically or on a schedule to match your environment’s needs. And, with the Orchestrator Web Console, it’s simple to access and analyze runbooks from any device without the need to install a local console instance.

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Installation and configuration of Orchestrator can be a daunting and confusing task for some teams. Our resources keep up with the latest changes and all the latest best practices  and techniques currently employed by the System Center community.


Investing in your employee’s knowledge and skills is key to getting the most out of your Orchestrator system. Our consultants can teach them all about the product from the basics up to complex and advanced concepts of use and configuration.

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