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Welcome to VividRock

VividRock is a globally positioned Technology & Design firm specializing in System Center, Cloud Services, Web Design, as well as Brand Identity and Management. We work hard to build a strong team of dedicated and passionate employees who are here to help you succeed.

Innovative IT Techs.

Whether you’re in need of IT architecture designs, integration and administration of your System Center products, or help lifting your company to the Cloud; VividRock is here to be the ‘Bedrock of Your Success.’ Our talented IT gurus keep up with the latest best-practices and industry tricks to keep your tech on the proven leading edge. We pride ourselves on finding, cultivating, and unleashing great talent familiar with your technology needs.

Stunning Graphic Artists.

Our visual artisans are passionate about your business and its brand. We work with you, as your brand ambassadors, to produce beautiful, inspiring designs to help develop and present your organization’s identity to the world. Our print and product specialists can then take these designs to the next level; working with our partners and vendors to produce tangible, tactile, smile-worthy products for display, events, office, and more.

Agile Web Designers.

It comes as no surprise, websites are such an important investment for your business. In a growing and highly available technical world, the landscape is ever-changing. It can be difficult to keep your organization ahead of the curve when you factor all this in. With VividRock, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the technical side. Our developers take your ideas and dreams to the web using the latest design styles and techniques.

System Center Services

System Center provides the tools for unified management capabilities within your environment. Monitoring, provisioning, configuration, automation, protection and self-service tools help you to build manageable systems and automate processes.

Get Ready

For Something Different

VividRock was built upon a solid bedrock of passion, talent, and commitment. Our passion to provide a quality of service to our clients that is unparalleled. Our team of talented individuals that think outside the box with innovative ideas. And our commitment, to uphold these values and hold each other to our high set of standards.


It’s with these values that, we believe, we provide something different!
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