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Learn a little about our company and what it all means to us

The VividRock Name

When it came to naming the company, we wanted to find a name that would represent the spirit of the company. We spent weeks combing through different names, words, and combinations. Analyzing hundreds of options, we looked for the perfect combination.


And so VividRock was born!

Iconic Mountain Rondel

Our Mountain Rondel is the center of our brand and image and it says it all. It shows the world our stance on our business and our approach. We want to be the bedrock of our client’s success. To help them build a strong foundation. We want to help them overcome obstacles and look across the precipice. Hence, the mountain.


Representing strength and longevity, the mountain provides unparalleled vision beyond obstacles both near and far.

Our Vibrant Color

VividRed is our bright, beautiful color and we love to use it to show everyone just how different we are. The amalgamation of Red and Orange provides powerful symbolism from both colors. Red evokes energy, strength, power, determination, and passion. Orange evokes enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

Our Story

Our owner, Dustin Estes, has had an entrepreneurial spirit all his life. He dreamed of opening his own IT firm since he started in the industry over 10 years ago.


Dustin took this spirit and applied it to his career. Learning from mentors and studying anything he could get his hands on, he quickly climbed through the ranks. The ultimate goal of this pursuit was to open a firm unlike any other. A firm that would change the way Companies and Consultancies interacted. A firm that truly believes in the reciprocity of success. Through our client’s success, we will find success.

The Bedrock of Success

We want to be the bedrock of our client's success and help them build a strong foundation to drive future project success.
Dustin Estes | Owner

Dustin Estes

Owner / Founder

“As the original founder and owner of VividRock, I have been here for it all. It has been a long and arduous process, but one that I am so very proud of. The day I started the company was such a happy and joyous moment. And now, to see everything I have worked for come to fruition is unlike anything I could have imagined.”


“We have accomplished so much thus far. I look forward to showing our clients just what VividRock is capable of!”
Get Ready… For Something Different!
Dustin - Sitting on Stool(Project)