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MullRally Website Mockup

Web Design

What is the Mull Rally

The Isle of Mull Rally is a spectacular event that our owner has been apart of for over 6 years now. It is a wonderful weekend of cars out on a beautiful little island in the Inner Hebrides called the Isle of Mull. If you ever have a chance to experience such a thing you will understand why it’s called “rally fever.”

About the Design

Dustin is very passionate about the event and is always looking for ways to help out and to ensure it continues to be a wonderful yearly rally to look forward to. With that in mind, he set a task to the talented team here at VividRock. He wanted to provide a fresher, cleaner experience on the site while maintaining its functionality. The new design aims to keep all the information front of house and easily reachable so that competitors, spectators, volunteers, and anyone else can find everything they are looking for.


We are also aware of how incredible the history is behind this great sport and that many hearts and hands have come before to help build this rally up to where it is today. And with that in mind, we also wanted to make an in depth “History” section on the site too. It would contain the amazing origin story of how the rally came to be. It would highlight the different major sponsors over the years and their dedication to progressing this event. And it would also house records from years past so people could easily see who won, what routes and legs were run that year, the mull murmers releases, catalogue prints, and anything else of significance. This homage would be done to ensure that nothing about this spectacle was ever lost or forgotten.

October 30, 2016