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Summer Cookoff Celebrations

Graphic Design, Print Media

The Idea

Are you ready for summer? Ready to kickoff the warm weather and pool parties with a good old fashioned American Cookout? Why not spice up the competition with some beautifully designed voting cards and stickers to show your fellow Barbecue Buddies that you mean business this year!

About the Design

We were approached by one of our amazing clients who was looking to have a lovely, competitive day out with some of their clients, employees, family, and friends. Here at VividRock we absolutely love all things food and barbecues. So, naturally, we were far too excited to help them kick off their great Summer celebration in style.


We discussed a lot of different options on how they wanted to setup their event. We talked about whether it was going to be a serious competition utilizing specific criteria and elected, non-biased judges or something simpler. Ultimately, we decided to keep it simple to allow the emphasis to be more on good food, fun, and friendly competition. Everyone who ate was awarded a sticker to cast their vote for best-of-the-best. So, we utilized a modest, postcard sized chef’s card with 1″ stickers to denote a single vote.


The designs feature bright, summer colors along with various images of food and meats to really get everyone’s appetites roaring. The client was very pleased with the overall design and so were we. If only we could have been apart of the eating…. I mean judging as well :-P

Print Media

These beautiful voting cards were printed on hearty 16pt card stock. The colorful, event sides were printed with a shiny gloss finish to ensure the design really popped to the parties guests. The voting side utilized a matte finish so everyone could easily write their super-secret chef numbers on them. It also ensured a superior bond between the card and the stickers deterring any sneaky chefs looking to take some votes away from their competition.


The stickers were printed with a beautiful glossy finish so the worthy recipient could show all the other chefs their badges of honor.

July 19, 2016