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Understanding the Importance of Color

Importance of Color

Understanding the Importance of Color

When working with clients we always stress the importance of color. Color is a very big aspect in designs and visual media and should be a major focus on your new and current designs.


While reading many of the various articles and blogs on the industry and its best practices, we sometimes come across some really invaluable articles. One of our favorite topics is color, and the importance of color in your design work. With that subject in mind, we found a fairly definitive article to highlight all the aspects of color. This article from the CoSchedule Blog titled “The Know It All Guide To Color Psychology In Marketing + The Best Hex Chart” is chock-full of some amazing information on color theory, color psychology, the meaning of different colors, gender preferences, how complimentary colors work, and so much more.

The article from the CoSchedule Blog is chock-full of some amazing information...

If you haven’t had a chance to take a deep dive look at just exactly what colors mean and how the human brain reacts to them, this is a must read. You will probably even find yourself creating some cheat-sheets to print out and put up on your creativity wall just to keep those juices flowing.