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Tech-minded Consultants.

When it comes to your technology, you don’t have room for error. Implementations need to go smoothly, user acceptance should be successful, and operation/sustainment should be error-free. You need to make sure you get the right people to design, implement, manage, and train your organization. We are proud of the talent that we cultivate here at VividRock. We find the game-changers, the passion driven, the kind of people who will help you build a strong IT infrastructure.

Creativity Abounds.

Our team of artists love working with clients from all over the world to find that perfect design that fits their style. It’s something we are passionate about and we hope you are too! Partnerships with printing houses across the globe and a skilled design team hungry for the opportunity are what set us apart from the rest. Let us show you what your next design project could look like with a touch of Vivid!

Internet Presence… Check.

In an ever increasing landscape of web-enabled devices, it’s important to ensure your business and ideas have a place to shine on the web. We love to help our clients conceive and develop a beautiful canvas to present their brand to the world. Using the latest technology and design trends, our artists work with you to to design a site with a beautiful look and a highly functional design. We offer support plans to provide you with benefits such as issue resolution, up-time support, site changes, backend updates, and so much more.


It's extremely important that your IT backbone systems function properly before you build new solutions on top of them. Every day we help our clients cleanup and restore systems such as Active Directory, Exchange, Group Policies, Client Configurations, and Security Solutions in order to prepare them for their next big projects.


Building the Bedrock.

In order for your company to grow in its success and be ready for the future, it is important to ensure you are building upon a stable foundation.

No one likes the terms 'process' or 'procedure' but it's impossible to pretend that a lot of daily tasks don't follow a scriptable or repeatable pattern. It's in these tasks that you can reclaim wasted time and effort to be used for more important tasks. Our consultants spend hours with our clients to help them realize these patterns. We then build processes, flow diagrams, and automation in order to help end this repetitive waste.


Build Processes & Automation.

Understanding how to automate and build processes around your daily tasks is necessary in order to reach a more pro-active nature of operation.

When it comes to planning, we will help to make sure you consider every path from budgeting, scheduling, testing, user acceptance, etc... all the way to production. This foresight can be the difference between reaching the top or not. Our skilled consultants are here to be your guide and make sure you are ready for the next big climb.


Planning the Next Climb.

Planning your next big project is the most crucial phase in any new IT rollout. Careful planning can ensure you don't lose your footing along the way.

System Center Services

System Center provides the tools for unified management capabilities within your environment. Monitoring, provisioning, configuration, automation, protection and self-service tools help you to build manageable systems and automate processes.
VividRock - Cloud Services

To the Cloud.

With more than 60% of organizations utilizing the cloud for IT related operations, it’s no doubt that the cloud is here in a big way. We have helped many of our clients realize enormous cost savings and operational ease by moving critical services and applications to cloud hosted solutions. These cost and time saving measures are what give companies the edge to help them operate more efficiently while still offering their employees and customers services with world-class performance and availability.