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Configuration Manager

What is Configuration Manager?

Configuration Manager is a powerful enterprise tool designed to help you manage your IT assets and achieve a more proactive nature of operation. With the ability to aggregate all kinds of hardware and software information into one reportable database, your understanding of your environment could never be stronger. You can reduce risk and issues by ensuring all machines match your configuration baseline. Should any machines drift, automated remediation measures can be configured to return these machines to the baseline.


Application deployment, updating, and removal has never been easier with Configuration Manager. Applications can be packaged and deployed to any number of machines on a schedule you see fit. Old applications can be removed in the process too. Now you can be sure your machines are all running the latest-and-greatest versions of your business critical software.


Keep your Windows machines fresh and up to date without all of the hassle. New machines can be imaged out of the box while in-place machines can be sent an image across the LAN. This makes purchasing and reissuing hardware simpler and process based. Ensuring a standardized configuration across your organization. And with the ability to manage and push Windows updates, you can be sure that all those new images and existing machines are as secure as possible.






Clients Managed

We help our clients keep all their assets under control


Apps Packaged

Package and deploy all your business critical apps.


OS Deployments

Keep your machines fresh with new and updated images.


HDDs Encrypted

Protecting your endpoints with enterprise level security.


Configuration Manager is comprised of various components that aid in managing your growing environment. The most popular ones are listed below with a brief description.

Application Packaging

Easily distribute new applications, update existing applications, or remove old applications from your environment.

Asset Intelligence

Keep track of your corporate assets with reports on all hardware and software configurations within your environment.

Configuration Management

Configuration drift can cause unexpected issues and behaviors. SCCM can help to normalize your environment and reduce issues.

Data security is an increasing issue in today's tech era. BitLocker and the Microsoft BitLocker Admin & Monitoring tool are great for encrypting your endpoint devices.

Easily audit and plan for your next hardware or software refresh/upgrade with tons of reports and data on your environment.

Keep your endpoints secured and your security team well informed with state-of-the-art managed protection from Microsoft.

Improve build times, reduce workload, and do away with configuration drift with highly configurable image deployment technology.

Keep all of your machines and servers up-to-date to ensure your organization's data and services are as secure as possible.

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A poorly planned and designed Configuration Manager infrastructure can lead to issues and complications. At VividRock, we employ talented resources with years of experience who can help you design a powerful, scalable solution.


Installation and configuration of Configuration Manager can be a daunting and confusing task for some teams. Our resources keep up with the latest changes and all the latest best practices  and techniques currently employed by the System Center community.


Investing in your employee’s knowledge and skills is key to getting the most out of your Configuration Manager system. Our consultants can teach them all about the product from the basics up to complex and advanced concepts of use and configuration.

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