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Graphic Design

Need help with your next graphic design project?

Graphic art and illustrations are the perfect way to display your brand, convey your message, or highlight a new product or service. We can generate all kinds of materials for your organization to use. And, because we work with numerous clients across the globe, we know we can provide your organization with support and full project management.


Need help with your next marketing campaign? It is crucial when presenting your brand to your customers that you do so in a uniform and identifiable way. You want to raise brand awareness while eliminating any possibility for brand confusion. VividRock can do so by designing artfully crafted mailers, postcards, envelopes, flyers, HTML emails, and greeting cards.


Looking to rebrand or reinforce your identity around the organization? Why not let us help you with a new or refreshed logo? We can put together a corporate identity packet so you can provide your organization with a completed branding strategy. Utilize stationary basics such as letterhead, envelopes, stickers, and package/product labelling. With a full packet of designs, you can be sure that your logo and brand will look its best no matter what your employees are using.






VividRock provides all of its artists with the latest in Adobe products and services to stay on the cutting edge.


Our designers bring many years of experience to VividRock, having worked across every different industry.


Our team works with international customers to provide the highest quality products and designs globally.

VividRock - Graphic Design - Reinforce Your Brand


Your Brand

Your organization’s brand is its identity. Your customers trust and recognize this identity on the products and services you provide and the communications you send. Your teams see it as a badge of pride that represents the company they work so hard for. With such importance behind it, it’s critical that your employees have all the tools and materials they need to effectively present your brand to the world.


VividRock can build corporate identity packs to help your brand really shine!

Catalog of Services


Need help creating a logo for a new business? We can help you create a new and lasting brand image to stand out.

Business Cards

Give your employees a beautiful business card that illustrates the quality and strength of your brand and business.


Provide your customers with a wonderfully compiled and illustrated catalogue of services, products, and information.


Elevate your next mail marketing campaign with some beautifully crafted postcards informing your customers of your latest products.


Spread your brand or message using some snazzy stickers or decorate your latest products with helpful and informative labels.


Better illustrate your business' products, services, and events using half sheet, full sheet, bifold, and trifold flyers.

Gift Cards

Give your customers an easy, simple method to gift your products and services to their friends, family, and loved ones.


Decorate your offices, workspaces, and breakrooms with helpful and informative presentations for all of your employees and visitors


Add some beautiful signage to your next anniversary party, sponsorship opportunity, or event with some large banners.

Greeting Cards

Show your customers you care during the holidays by sending out some personalized, branded greeting cards from your staff.


Help make your staff feel welcomed to your next big corporate event by sending them some lovely invitation cards.


Illustrate those wonderfully complex concepts and processes that make your company unique by using easy-to-read infographics.


Provide uniformity for your organization with creative letterhead and stationary for your employees to use.


Wrap your letterhead and carefully crafted marketing materials in an identifiable and branded set of envelopes.


Provide your customers with quality sales folders and packets to keep all the information they need in one place.


Our amazing team of designers and artists can help you create anything you need to help spread brand awareness. Just ask!

Find Out What We Can Do For You

Give us a call or email us today to see how VividRock can help you achieve more wth your marketing and design materials.


Our talented artists can provide your team with design assistance or, we can perform the entire process to free up resources for other matters. Our designers have experience working with various clients all over the world and we look forward to working with you.


Upon completion of the design work and approval of the final product, it’s time for printing. We can provide you with print-ready files for you to send off to your favorite printing house. Or, we can complete the process using one of our industry-leading partners.


The final design files are the property of your business for its sole use. VividRock will never resell your completed designs to another client. Any completed files and purchased media used for the composition of the projects will be sent to your organization.

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