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Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

What is Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring?

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) is a powerful, enterprise level tool for encrypting and securing your endpoints using BitLocker and BitLocker To Go technologies. Keep your company data safe and secure with powerful, drive-level encryption. BitLocker protects your company from data theft and data exposure when computers are lost or stolen.


With MBAM, you can encrypt data on your Windows OS volumes, fixed storage drives, as well as removable drives ensuring flexible, granular control over your company’s security. BitLocker allows for Multi-level authentication utilizing TPM integrated chips, startup PINs, and passwords. And, with tools to help automate deployment and provide users with self-service recovery options, integrating Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring couldn’t be easier.


Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring can function as a standalone tool in your environment, or, you can integrate it with System Center Configuration Manager to leverage the power and functionality SCCM offers. Integration with SCCM utilizes the Configuration Manager client to return compliance data and provide reports and compliance auditing through the powerful compliance baselines and reports built in. The MBAM client continues to use the MBAM web services to return recovery data and keys to the MBAM database for administrative and self service recovery. And, with SCCM’s powerful Application Deployment and Operating System Deployment tools, bringing your environment up to compliance is simple and easy.






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Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring is a feature-rich, enterprise solution for managing your organization’s growing need to protect itself from data theft and exposure.

SCCM Integration

Centralized reporting, client management, deployment, and compliance management is easier when you integrate with SCCM


Give administrators powerful tools to automate and simplify the process of encrypting your endpoint computers.

Auditing & Reports

Provide your security team with reports and compliance information regarding individual machines or the overall organization.

Empower Users

Provide easy-to-use tools that allow your users to recover their encrypted devices or retrieve PINs using MBAM's Self-Service Portal.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce your Help Desk workload and get your users back to work with tools to efficiently support PIN and Recovery Key requests.


Empower your mobile workforce to work from anywhere knowing that their corporate data is protected with industry-leading technology.

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring



Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring is a powerful enterprise-level tool with a surprisingly simple architecture. Group Policy Objects apply your organizations encryption policies while the MBAM client digests and enforces these policies. The MBAM client then sends PINs and recovery keys back to the MBAM server for secure storage. The SCCM client constantly monitors and reports the compliance of the machine.

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