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Operations Manager

What is Operations Manager?

Operations Manager is a powerful and comprehensive infrastructure and application monitoring tool for your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Optimize your environment with a management tool that helps you provide performance and up-time. With monitoring, performance, and alert data, your IT organization can learn to become proactive and put a stop to the constant daily fires.


Operations Manager provides best-in-class monitoring for your heterogenous datacenter with support for Windows and cross-platform equipment. With support for RHEL/SUSE Linux, Oracle Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX, you can extend monitoring across your whole environment. Built-in network topology discovery enables you to monitor the health of your network devices and virtual networks. Microsoft Azure support helps to unify the solution to your cloud and off-premises services. And, with the VEEAM Management Pack you can extend your monitoring capabilities to VMware hosts and hardware. This allows Operations Manager full visibility into your heterogenous


Extend Operations Manager’s powerful console with System Center Advisor. System Center Advisor is an online service that analyzes your various Microsoft server installations. Advisor collects data from your installations, analyzes it, and generates alerts. These alerts help to identify potential issues from missing security patches to deviations from best practices. This information can then be used to keep your systems running optimally and securely. Advisor also provides both current and historical views of the configuration of servers. Advisor recommendations help you become proactive in your operations and avoid some of common issues





With Operations Manager's continued success comes hundreds of built and tested management packs. These are easily imported and configured to get your monitoring solution up and running quickly.


Extensible Monitoring

Management packs define the information that the agent collects and returns to the management server for a specific application or technology.

Monitoring the state of the fabric is just as important as the services and applications that sit on top of it. Keep an eye on the host state, storage pools and LUN states, and the network node states.


Fabric Monitoring

Wth the Fabric Health Dashboard, you can see a detailed overview of the health of your private clouds and the fabric that services those clouds.

Integration allows Advisor to gather data regarding your Microsoft installations. It can then analyze this data and use it to generate alerts and identify possible issues or deviations from best practice.


Advisor Integration

System Center Advisor is an online service that analyzes your environment and the installations of Microsoft server software you have.




Keep It Simple.

Operations Manager uses management packs to configure and extend its monitoring capabilities. While a variety of management packs are already available for import, you may need to create or customize some to fit your environment’s needs. With Operations Manager’s Authoring tools, you can!

Customize Existing Objects.

Using “Overrides”, you can customize existing monitoring configurations to disable certain rules, control rule frequency, or modify the threshold value. This is helpful when trying to ensure a monitoring configuration meets your organization’s expected level of operability.

Get Creative.

Management Pack Authors are those who create new monitoring within Operations Manager. This can be additional monitoring scenarios added to an existing management pack, or the creation of an entirely new management pack. The Authoring workspace in the Operations Console provides wizards and templates that allow administrators with minimal experience in authoring to create new monitoring scenarios.

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