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Virtual Machine Manager

What is Virtual Machine Manager?

System Center Virtual Machine Manager is a management solution for the virtualized datacenter. It enables your organization to configure and manage its virtualization hosts, networking, and storage resources. This allows you to create and deploy virtual machines and services to your private clouds.


Virtual Machine Manager is a heterogenous VM hosting solution that enables the management of different hypervisors, centrally, from a single pane of glass. You can create and manage VMs with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare vSphere, and Citrix XenServer. With VMM you can deliver a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure using the equipment you already own.


VMM allows you to provide machine virtualization and provisioning, as a service, to your organization. Team members and regular end-users can use the Self Service Portal, or integration with Service Manager, to request new VMs or adjustments to current VMs in the infrastructure. Since the machines are built based on templates, you can be sure that your organization stays standardized, organized, and highly efficient.





Simplify your management and configuration overhead with Virtual Machine Manager. Providing an intuitive console, SCVMM makes it easy to see your environment at-a-glance, configure existing infrastructure, and deploy new machines. Virtual Machine Manager continues to deliver System Center's automation and simplification initiative.


Cloud Based

Deliver a singular, centralized virtual machine management solution that was designed to work with both public and private clouds alike.

Virtual Machine Manager helps to automate and simplify the process of provisioning and deploying virtual machines within your environment utilizing templates. With templates, you can enforce best practices and standardization helping ease the overall management.


Template Driven

Templates provide a fast and efficient way to deploy the resources your organization needs with little to no manual configuration.

Virtual Machine Manager's Self-Service model provides an excellent way for your company to control consumption, empower users, provide standardized computing models, and simplify the entire process. Leaving your users satisfied with response times and functionality and your IT Department less burdened.


Service Oriented

With an easy to use Self-Service Catalog, application owners can request and consume capacity when they need it.


Transform How

You Deliver IT

System Center Virtual Machine Manager optimizes resources across your public, hosted, and private cloud solutions bringing a greater level of serviceability and automation to your environment. And, with the integration of this heterogenous system, you can keep costs low by managing your Hyper-V, vSphere, and XenServer hypervisors from a single pane of glass.


Deliver a solid, standardized infrastructure using templates and automation to ensure that your virtualized datacenters are not only scalable, but compliant with internal best practices as well. Virtual Machine Manager helps to unite ease of use, availability, and IT peace-of-mind knowing everything you implement meets your gold standard of supportability and operation.

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A poorly planned and designed Virtual Machine Manager infrastructure can lead to issues with your ticketing system and incident management. At VividRock, we employ talented resources with years of experience who can help you design a powerful, scalable solution.


Installation and configuration of Virtual Machine Manager can be a daunting and confusing task for some teams. Our resources keep up with the latest changes and all the latest best practices  and techniques currently employed by the System Center community.


Investing in your employee’s knowledge and skills is key to getting the most out of your Virtual Machine Manager system. Our consultants can teach them all about the product from the basics up to complex and advanced concepts of use and configuration.

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