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Web Design

Why is your company’s web design so important?

Websites are how customers find out information about the companies and businesses they are interested in. They use these sites to find out what services a business may provide, where their offices/stores/restaurants/etc… are located, how to contact the business, the history or story behind them, and any other pertinent information related to their decision making. For a lot of people, it will be their first interaction with your organization and its brand. They will draw a lot of first impressions and conclusions from what they see and how easy it is to interact with and find what they are looking for.


With our web design services, we aim to provide our clients with beautiful, functional, and inviting websites that truly represent their brand and everything it has to offer. Every site we design must meet our highest design standards:

  • Easy to use – reduce customer frustration when traversing your site
  • Visually stunning – designed so as to purposefully and accurately represent the company’s brand
  • Informational – so that customers can find what they need quickly and easily
  • Responsive ready – allowing your customers to use the device of their choice to easily navigate the site
  • Point of pride – we want you to be proud when directing your customers to your website





Our talented team of designers and developers can create beautiful, rendered mockups of your potential site. We will take real world data from your current site, and place that into a web design that we believe best represents your organization. Allowing you and your team to see just how beautiful it could be.


Mocking It Up.

Casting a creative eye on your site and seeing it for what it truly could be is often hard. Especially if you are already dissatisfied with what you currently have.

We use the latest in web design standards, on top of the industry leading CMS software, to ensure your site is built with the highest specifications. We will build your site side-by-side the current one on a private domain, allowing you access all throughout this process. You will be able to check the site, view our progress, and provide any approvals, corrections/changes, or feedback you believe will help us.


Developing the Future.

When you are happy with the mockups and ready to pursue your newer, fresher look; our team will be standing by to begin development of your site.

Our 'Site Publishing' procedure includes all the steps to ensure a smooth transition from old to new. Evaluations of your current hosting solution and plans will occur before upgrading the site. We will then backup your existing site for any failover or reference needs should they arise. Finally, scheduled downtime will be put in place and the sites will be switched out minimizing downtime and any visitor interruption.


Publishing Your New Look.

Once your new site is tested, user accepted, and approved; we will schedule a maintenance window to bring your beautiful new website online.

Get Responsive with Your Web Design

What does ‘responsive’ mean?

Responsive web design refers to a website’s ability to adjust and change the way it displays and presents data based on the size and orientation of the screen it is being displayed on. This can change due to a visitor’s choice of device, monitor size, screen resolution, or browser window aspect ratio. It also means that during traditional computer browsing, if a visitor were to change the size of the browser window, the browsing experience will adapt for the most ideal viewing experience.

Why does your organization need it?

Your visitors have an overwhelming number of different phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, and various other browsing devices at their disposal. With so many different screen sizes it is unrealistic to believe that we still live in a “one-page-size-fits-all” web environment. Utilizing responsive design allows you to provide every one of your visitors with the highest quality interaction, regardless of their preferred device.

VividRock - Responsive Web Design

We Develop Strong Partnerships

At VividRock, we reach out to industry-leading providers to establish partnerships and working relationships. This allows us to better serve our customers, offering discounts and streamlined management of your websites and projects. Below are just some of the relationships we have already established.


GoDaddy Pro

As a GoDaddy Pro partner, our customers can grant us access to their accounts for management or even purchasing power. You can easily grant VividRock pass-through access so we can manage hosting, email, dns, etc…


Adobe Stock

We use Adobe Stock as our preferred provider for all media from photos, videos, and vector art. With our partnership we can provide our customers with extremely competitive pricing on the highest quality stock media on the market.


Office 365

VividRock is a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Our team of highly trained individuals can manage your organization’s email, accounts, groups, distribution lists, and shared mailboxes; ensuring every email gets where it is going.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

Give us a call or email us today to see how VividRock can help you with all your website needs.


Want to see what our talented team can do for your organization? Our designers are happy to provide mockups to help illustrate the potential of your site. Using real world data from your business, we can help you realize just how effective your web presence can be.


We will work closely with key team members and decision makers to ensure the finished product perfectly represents your business. We build our designs on a private, easy to access development server. Making it available for review and approval the entire step of the way.


Websites are a living representation of your business, provided for the world to see. It should come as no surprise that these sites need content updates, maintenance, and upkeep. Our team is available to provide your organization with worry-free maintenance.

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